Stay At Home Book Tag

I see you shake your head disapprovingly at me. “Don’t you have some time sensitive content that you should post?” you would say if you knew what I am planning. “Why do you post this now, and not keep it for whenever you forget/are unable to write a post?” I do not have to answer if I do not exist in a corporeal form, so I slowly melt into your surroundings.

I saw this tag on Flowers In The Brain‘s beautiful blog weeks ago. And I thought, “Fun! I could do that since I’ve been stuck at home for who knows how long now!” Which is how we got here.

Laying in Bed – A Book You Read in a Day:

This is the most recent one: The Switch by Beth O’Leary

I really liked this book, especially the fact that it isn’t actually romance focused, or at least as romance focused as you’d expect it to be. It turned out to be a lot less focused on romance and a lot more focused on personal development, grief and family. I loved both Eileen and Leena’s perspectives. I definitely recommend it.

Snacking – A Book That is Your Guilty Pleasure:

This is actually two books, from a series: The Viscount Who Loved Me and Romancing Mister Bridgerton from The Bridgertons. The whole series is good but these two are my personal favourites. It’s historical romance, and I just really like the fact that our female leads often have either a hobby that is rewarding or a ~past~ , however I often don’t like the male leads as they sometimes don’t ask for verbal consent and that is not cool, but otherwise this series is very enjoyable.

Netflix – A Series You Want to Start:

I, personally, am going to answer with book series because I do not have Netflix or any other platform where I could watch series, but I’ll list some TV series I’d love to check out whenever I get the chance.

Book (I am just going to list some the series (first books in a series) I have on my owned tbr + tell you what I remember of the synopsis/what I think it’s about): Wicked Lovely (magical realism, sounds like a blend of The Mortal Instruments and Twilight, with faeries as the focus), The Cruel Prince (more faeries, this time high fantasy), A Darker Shade of Magic (dimension travel with a coat, also London), Chain of Gold (The off-spring of the TID gang, historical magical realism, a plague of some sort) and Call Down The Hawk (a spin-off of The Raven Cycle series, this time focusing on Ronan Lynch’s, magical realism).

I’d love to see what all the fuss is about in relation to Supernatural. I also really want to watch Good Omens.

Deep Clean – A Book That Has Been on Your TBR List For Ages:

Simon Vs the Homosapiens Agenda. I know I’ve talked a lot about wanting to read it and yet not getting to it. I don’t know why I keep putting it off. I read the first two pages once and then thought ‘Woah, I don’t want to deal with the massive amounts of anxiety I am experiencing right now.’ and put it down.

Animal Crossing – A Book You Bought Because of the Hype:

I would say that most of the books I have had been bought because of the hype, however the most regrettable one was Thirteen Reasons Why. This is probably the book I hate the most and I, too, have reasons why: ta-da.

Productivity – A Book That You Have Learnt From/Impacted You:

I suppose The Secret History could fit this description. I’ve learned about poisons and also prairie oysters. This probably meant for me to answer something touching, but I don’t feel like talking about my favourite books right now.

FaceTime – A Book You Were Gifted:

The Literature Book by James Canton. I got it for New Year’s because people have stopped giving me books as a present. Mostly because there isn’t a wide selection of books you can buy here and I’ve read most of those that you can.

Self Care – One Thing You’ve Done to Look After Yourself:

I am making a quilt. I actually started back in December, but as it always goes, I soon abandoned it. And now I’m back at it! This was the last week of school, so I’ll now have the time to work on it. I’m also going to meet up with my friends, which will be great because I haven’t seen them since quarantine started in April.

So that has been the tag, I am going to remind you again to check out Flowers In The Brain‘s post. If you are interested in doing this tag, but feel like you need to be tagged to do it, just say I tagged you. I’ll do it, just ask, it’s really no problem.

Thank you for reading, and until next time!

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